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The history of the cultural branch
There have been Francophones living in the Yukon for more than 150 years, but it was not until the late 1970's that they began to organize.
The creation of the Association franco-yukonnaise (AFY) in 1982 allowed the implementation of essential tools that the community had been deprived of. The first French school in the Yukon was created, followed by a French daycare, allowing young Francophones to cultivate their mother tongue during their crucial development years.
In 2001, the Centre de la francophonie opened its doors in Whitehorse. Its architecture reflects the importance of the Francophone community in Yukon society, and the vitality of its numerous organizations: youth committee, women's group, economic development, tourism, education and adult education, assistance for new immigrants, varied cultural programming and social gatherings.
Today, the Francophone community is recognized and integrated into Yukon society. Its key ongoing challenges are obtaining adequate funding to carry on with its development and maintain what it has accomplished in order to ensure that it continues into the future.
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