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Fam Tours for travel professionals and Francophone media

2010 promotional activities in France on the part of RDÉE Yukon and the Yukon Department of Tourism and Culture have been highly successful.
In June, 2010, tour operators and media from France visited the Yukon to publicize this destination to the French market. RDÉE Yukon was there to welcome them.
A delegation of six tour operators from France, including Vacances Air Transat, came to the Yukon on a familiarization tour. At an evening organized by RDÉE Yukon at MacBride Museum, they met with 30 or more tourism entrepreneurs who offer services in French.
A few weeks later, four journalists from French tourism magazines came to the Yukon looking for ideas for articles. RDÉE Yukon's tourism project officer accompanied them for two days and had the opportunity to promote the territory's Francophone heritage.
These visits were organized by the Canadian Tourism Commission in France and the Yukon Department of Tourism and Culture. We believe that visits like these will considerably increase the number of tourists from France in the years to come.

Francophone tourists want to discover the Yukon Francophone community
At the Recreational Vehicle Show in March, 2010, RDÉE Yukon conducted a short survey to better identify the preferences of French-speaking tourists. 97% of respondents said they were interested in discovering the historical and cultural heritage of the Yukon Francophone community during a trip to the Yukon.
Survey results (lien:

Training seminars in France and Belgium for European travel agencies and tour operators specializing in Canada as a destination
In March, 2010, RDÉE Yukon, the Conseil de développement économique des Territoires du Nord-Ouest (Northwest Territories) and RDÉE Nunavut took part in a training visit to Europe. With the support of the Canadian Tourism Commission, they met more than 150 tourism professionals in the cities of Strasbourg, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Nantes, Paris (France) and Brussels (Belgium). They gave presentations on the Canadian North to an audience that was very interested in the destination--to sell the idea of including the northern territories in their tourism products they offer.
These training seminars were extremely successful. More and more tour operators and travel agencies specializing in Canada as a destination offer or want to offer the Canadian Arctic, and the Yukon has all the characteristics required to satisfy this interest.
Regular follow-ups will be done with these tourism professionals in partnership with the tourism department and the Canadian Tourism Commission to keep them informed about the destination and to encourage potential familiarization trips.

World Tourism Show - The World in Paris
In March, 2010, the three territories were represented at a Canadian Arctic booth at the World Tourism Show - The World in Paris. It was RDÉE Yukon's third time participating in this travel show, which was attended by more than 100,000 visitors.
"I was surprised by the level of public knowledge and interest in the Canadian Arctic. Three years ago, not many people knew where the Yukon was. This year, people knew more about the territory and some had already bought a plane ticket for their trip," says Frédéric Vandenoetelaer, RDÉE Yukon's tourism development officer who attended at the show.
French tourists looking for Canadian destinations other than Quebec are fascinated by the Yukon, a land of adventure and wide open spaces.
Merci au ministère du Tourisme et de la Culture du Yukon, à l’Aurore boréale et aux autres organismes et individus qui nous ont permis d’utiliser leurs photos.
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