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Bonjour! Logo
The Bonjour! Logo, displayed in organizations and businesses throughout the Yukon, announces the offer of services in French.
To obtain and display a Bonjour! Logo sticker, your organization or business must provide a certain level of service in French. Contact us for more information or to request your sticker :
What does the Bonjour! Logo represent?
Symbol of the Summits: the ring

The symbol was developed for the second Summit of la Francophonie which took place in Quebec City in 1987. The visual progression of its components gives dynamic expression to the concepts of association, universality, mutual aid and harmonious collaboration.
The five colours represent the colours of the flag of the governments participating in the Quebec City Summit as well as the five continents of la Francophonie internationale.
Bonjour! Logo
The Bonjour! Logo's mountains and river represent Yukon's grandiose scenery and wilderness. This logo has been used by RDÉE Yukon to invite Yukon businesses who offer French language services to "show their colours."
Merci au ministère du Tourisme et de la Culture du Yukon, à l’Aurore boréale et aux autres organismes et individus qui nous ont permis d’utiliser leurs photos.
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